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Partner Outreach

"Team means Together Everyone Achieves More!"  ~Author Unknown


If you want your organization's work to succeed and make a significant difference in the world, it's important to understand that you can't do it alone. The most impactful organizations value their friends or partners and develop collaborative goals. Some organizations partner with churches or youth, others partner with celebrities or popular individuals, and some partner with corporations or major donors. No matter who your friends are, an effective Public Relations strategy ensures that all of you are on the same message and working together to accomplish the same goal.


I have several years experience working with a variety of organizational partners including sports teams, churches, youth groups, celebrities, corporations and high profile individuals. My goal is to make sure all parties are working toward the same objective, have the same talking points and are maximizing their efforts with a collaborative PR communications/marketing strategy. 


Examples include: developing and promoting PSA's (public services announcements) with celebrities or athletes to promote World Vision's disaster response (Pros For Africa, Adrian Peterson, Patricia Heaton, Justin Tuck); strategizing corporate and celebrity volunteer opportunities on-site during disaster responses for media coverage (Chase kit builds, Justin Tuck/Alabama tornadoes); developing social media posts for partners to promote organizational programs online (NFL Santonio Holmes); pitching partners to national and local media including Team World Vision and celebrity runners (Lopez Lomong, Josh Cox, Andy Baldwin)

Above: PSA with NFL players from Pros for Africa for World Vision's Japan 2011 Tsunami/Earthquake response; Right: Lopez Lomong from Team World Vision; Bottom (left) Justin Tuck interview on YouTube for promoting World Vision's Alabama tornado response on social media; Bottom (right) PSA with Patricia Heaton to promote World Vision disaster response.

Partner Outreach Key Strategies

- Build relationships with partners for collaborative PR promotions ie churches, corporations, celebrities/ high profile individuals, schools, etc.

- Identify various organizational audiences (examples: churches, youth groups, donors, potential donors, corporations, media)

- Develop targeted content for promoting partners on traditional and new media outlets

- Design collaborative outreach strategies to maximize exposure and impact



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