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Social Media

It seems everyone is buzzing about social media these days. From Pinterest to Instagram to Twitter! It's challenging enough to keep up with knowing what these channels are without having to know how to work them all! So how can your organization use social media tools more effectively? In Public Relations, we consider any communiations tool that is used for "relating to the public" to be critical for sucessfully reaching target audiences. It is imperative to have a firm grasp on how social media channels work, the unique audiences they each reach and the content most effective for branding or marketing your organization. 


Purposeful PR specializes in combining communication and marketing strategies to produce compelling and strategic content for social media channels including blogs, infographics, YouTube videos and storytelling visuals.



Social Media Statistics


  • Facebook has a billion people using it each and every month

  • Around 5 million photos are added to and shared on Instagram every HOUR

  • Half a million people use Twitter each month

  • More than 3,000 hours’ worth of video are added to YouTube each hour


       Social Media Key Strategies

  • Develop or grow social media strategies for reaching broad and/or targeted audiences using the latest social media tools and channels including blogging, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Vine, etc.

  • Promote programs or projects on social media to increase awareness or engagement

  • Communicate information

  • Generate fundraising

  • Train staff on social media policies and practices

  • Collaborate with high profile partners (ie celebrities, corporations, etc) to promote projects and increase visibility

  • Develop cutting-edge strategies by staying on top of latest trends


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