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   Staff Training Key Strategies

- Identify staff as potential organizational spokespeople

- Provide traditional media training for potential news interviews with tv, print or radio outlets

- Train staff on content production including video editing, blog writing, social media posting, photography, branding, etc.

- Provide new social media training on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, AudioBoo, Qik, Vine, blogging, etc.

- Share talking points and collaborate on organizational highlights

Staff Training

One of my favorite responsibilities in Public Relations is the privilege to train staff to do PR themselves. Plus it makes my job easier to empower more people in multiple locations to have the skills and tools to effectively promote an organziation.


I have spent the past several years conducting not only traditional Media trainings but also Content Production and Social Media trainings. It's important that staff members understand all organizational policies and procedures but are also fully equipped and trained on how to provide interviews or appropriately post online.


I prefer hands-on trainings and often teach by conducting mock interviews using hand-held cameras. A few recent examples include: training my organization's traveling team for World Vision's newest multi-media "Experience" and teaching World Vision's deployable communicators on Social Media and mobile apps.


One of my core beliefs or methods is to teach staff on the tools and applicable organizational "rules" and then let them be creative to come up with content or troubleshoot themselves. I try to teach through practical experiences and often share tactics or techniques I've found have worked best in interviews myself. 

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