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Purposeful PR:

Have you ever asked yourself 'What's the purpose?' Does what I'm doing even matter? Purposeful PR helps brands, influencers and nonprofits hone in on the reasons why they exist and do what they do. It may sound basic, but the bigger and busier we get, the more challenging it is to stay on course with our original purpose. And if we lose sight of who we are and what we're about, it makes raising awareness and achieving our goals even more challenging and confusing. Purposeful PR reviews your background, values, resources and goals to help you focus on your primary purpose and develop strategies to raise awareness for involving others.









Mindy Mizell:

Purposeful PR's Mindy Mizell combines a 10+ year TV news career combined with 5 years award winning PR experience with international nonprofits to offer customized public relations consulting. Learn to focus on simple key messages, package them and promote your story. Let Purposeful PR help you fulfill your purpose! View my LinkedIn profile  

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